It’s simple!

Buy a bag of baking soda, put the baking soda and the dirty stuffed animal in a large plastic bag, shake the bag tightly and slowly, and slowly find the stuffed animal clean. Finally, the baking soda absorbs the dirt and turns gray-black, and then the baking soda is removed.

This method is more suitable for large stuffed animals and velvet stuffed animals.

Huge Plush Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Method 2:

Put water and silk detergent into the basin, stir the water in the basin with an ordinary soft brush or other tools, stir the rich foam, and then fill the surface of the animal with a soft brush and foam brush.

Make sure not to get wet on the brush. After brushing the surface of the stuffed animal, wrap the stuffed animal with a bath towel and press it into a basin filled with water.

This will remove dust and washing liquid from the stuffed animals. The stuffed animal is then soaked in a basin filled with softener for several minutes, and then washed several times in a basin filled with water until the water in the basin disappears from the turbidity. The cleaned stuffed animals are still wrapped in bath towels and dehydrated gently in the washing machine. Then the dehydrated stuffed animals are shaped and combed, and then placed in a ventilated place to dry.

When drying, pay attention to drying in the air, it is best not to expose to the sun, do not dry, do not sterilize in the sun, it is easy to change color after exposure.

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